Tori Paquette and Jeremy Robinson

Tori Paquette: The Author

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first novella at age 13, and my word count has only grown since then. I wrote of princes and princesses, tragedies and grief, angels and demons. And then Jeremy Robinson offered me the opportunity of a lifetime…

My first published book, The Last Valkyrie, tells the story of Norah Vincent, a twelve-year-old girl thrust into the world of the Nephilim. Her intense struggle with fear follows my own as she fights against nightmares and loses the ability to fully control her mind.



Tori Margaret: The Blogger

I began this blog when I was twelve, and it has become a place to tell my story: to wrestle honestly with my faith and my struggle with anxiety and depression. In telling my story, I have found that I am not alone, that others long to share these stories and these struggles too.

I want to welcome you to wrestle with me: to recognize human pain and suffering and brokenness, but to still remember a God who loves us and won’t give up on us.


15242017_688013054701225_5392413142680736747_nTori: Everything Else

And when I’m not writing? I’m busy adding to my extensive Pinterest collection or watching the fantastic Rory-Lorelai duo on Gilmore Girls. I’m shopping online with businesses that empower women in poverty like Krochet Kids, Bonjoy Box, RootedBeauty, and New Creation. I’m studying psychology, English, and religion in the libraries of Colby College. I’m quoting every Switchfoot lyric verbatim. I’m reading C.S. Lewis, Jamie Tworkowski, and Brant Hansen. I’m explaining to people what it was like to be a homeschool student (yes, I am socialized!). I’m working with kindergarteners, first-graders, nephews and nieces, and any other littles I can find. And I’m collecting a long list of quirky, unique names for the day I have littles of my own.



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