Read My Published Works

Read My Published Works

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What used to be Antarctica is no more. Shifted to the equator, the continent, now known as Antarktos, has thawed and bloomed. Endless ice has given way to lush tropical jungles, and all the people now living here are protected and led by Solomon Ull Vincent, the Last Hunter and King of Antarktos. My father.

I’ve been told that all the creatures of Antarktos, exotic and untamed, howled at the moment of my birth. If that wasn’t intimidating enough, I’ve also been told that I was born to be a hunter, that the blood coursing through my veins destined me to fight mankind’s most ancient enemy—the Nephilim, half-human, half-demon monsters determined to exterminate humanity.

My older sister, Aquila, thinks it all sounds glorious, but I don’t want it. Any of it. I prefer charcoals and a drawing pad to my Norse hammer. So I choose to ignore the stories. My heritage terrifies me. But when Aquila is kidnapped and dragged to the underworld to be broken and corrupted, our guardian, Zuh, is severely wounded and my father isn’t there to save them—I’m the only one who can.

From the monster-filled caves beneath Antarktos to the halls of Valhalla, I must embrace my heritage, face the fears that hold me hostage and save my sister before she kills our father. To save my family, and Antarktos, I must become a hunter, or perhaps something more…

My name is Norah Kainda Vincent, the Last Valkyrie. This is how my story begins.

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